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Houston Lawyer Attorney Gloria E. López

Houston Lawyer

Gloria Elizabeth López was born in McAllen, Texas. She obtained her bachelors in Government and Spanish from The University of Texas at Austin and her Juris Doctorate from Texas Southern University in Houston, Texas.   During law school, she participated in the Texas Legislative Program where she wrote and amended Texas Legislation.   Attorney López understood that in order to advocate for her clients, she had to learn the process, of the creation of a Texas Law, from beginning to end. During the Legislative program her passion to help and protect people was strengthened.

In 2011, Attorney López was hired by Dr. Benjamin Hall to work as an associate attorney at The Hall Law Firm. The firm represented corporations, partnerships, governmental entities, as well as individuals. Attorney López handled multi-million dollar civil litigation at The Hall Law Firm. Her experience at The Hall Law Firm provides an insight and knowledge necessary to prepare your case for trial.

In 2012, Attorney López was hired as an associate attorney in a Family Law Firm. As an associate attorney she conducted consultations, prepared petitions, responded to discover, communicated with opposing counsel, and prepared for trial. Houston Lawyer Attorney López learned of her love for Family Law during her time at this law firm. Providing relief to a person, during an emotionally difficult time is what Attorney López enjoys doing.

Finding a solution to people’s problems requires more than a simple knowledge of the law; it requires a commitment to a person’s happiness.

Attorney López’s experiences and tools will allow her to handle your family law matter with caution and attentiveness. She takes pride in providing her clients with a face-to-face consultation. Said consultation will allow her to meet and fully understand her client’s needs. She also understands that every person’s case is different; therefore, she handles each case in a personalized manner.

Family law can be filled with a lot of emotions, stress, and vindictiveness. That is why Houston Lawyer Attorney López will take each of your circumstances into consideration in order to identify your best solution. You can see some of the services she offers here.